In search of low budget Used Servers? You are at right place. At NetGen Computers you will get excellent quality cheap used servers, which are all refurbished, look and work like new. We stock a wide variety of new surplus, used and refurbished servers from all leading manufacturers like Dell, HP, IBM, Oracle and Sun.

NetGen Computers is regarded as the most reputable supplier for cheap used servers in India with warranty at the best price. Every single one of our used servers go through our tight refurbishment process before it has been offered for sale. Our refurbishment procedures adhere to strict technical guidelines to make sure that these refurbished servers are as effective as brand new in stability and Quality. During the refurbishment procedure, all of these used servers are stripped down and has been cleaned, upgraded and inspected to be certain that it will be dependable to use for years. That is definitely the reason why it is possible for us to offer a full 1 Years warranty on selected cheap used server models.

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