Dell PowerEdge 1655MC Server Memory Upgrades

Memory Specification

Standard Memory: 128MB removable
No. of DIMM Sockets: 2 slots                         
Maximum Memory :2GB
Memory Speed:PC133 - 133 MHz
Memory Module Type:PC133 ECC Registered SDRAM DIMMs.
Chipset: ServerWorks ServerSet LE3.0.
System CPU Type:Intel Pentium III processors.

PowerEdge 1655MC Server Memory

Upgrading Server memory (RAM) is one of the quickest and cost-effective way to boost the performance of your Dell PowerEdge 1655MC server. NetGen Computers carry a wide range of memory upgrade kits that are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with your Dell PowerEdge 1655MC Servers. For the best performance, it is recommended to upgrade your Dell PowerEdge 1655MC server to its maximum supported memory capacity.

How Much Memory will these Servers accept?.

The Dell 1655MC server accepts PC-133 ECC Registered 133MHz Memory. This PowerEdge Server has 2 memory slots. With our memory kits, this server can be upgraded to support a maximum memory capacity of 2GB.

Are these Memory tested and Error Free?

All of the memory we sell are thoroughly tested with dedicated, advanced Memory Tester and other Industry Standard Memory Diagnostic Utilities which performs more than 15 different RAM testing algorithms to ensure that the Memory (RAM) is totally error free.

Are these RAM compatible with Dell PowerEdge 1655MC Server?.

Before shipping, we will make sure that the RAM you are purchasing is compatible with your Dell PowerEdge Server. These RAM are 100% Dell PowerEdge 1655MC Server Compatible Memory.

Which memory brands do you have?

We stock only best brands from all major memory manufacturers. We will ship the fastest memory that your server will support. Also we will make sure that both memory modules are identical i.e., from same manufacturer with same part number when you purchase more than one memory stick.

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